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Servicing Your VW Golf

Great reliability and low running and repair costs make the VW Golf a very easy car to live with, hence the popularity of this long time favourite. Being such a popular car most reputable service centres will be able to service your car to VW specifications as well as easily source the parts needed for regular maintenance and repairs. 

The VW Golf has proven such a reliable car that hopefully you wont have too much trouble and it will only visit a garage for a regular service, however no car is perfect throughout your time owning it and any problems should be sorted quickly and easily by a reputable service centre like ourselves to help minimise any expensive repairs which can be caused by poor maintenance.

Most reputable service centres may also offer free safety checks for components such as brakes, tyres and fluids which will help identify parts that might be wearing out before they become a problem and create a large repair bill. Another check to consider on older models is the Air Con efficiency as the AC system may need recharging to bring it back up to full capability.

About the VW Golf

The VW Golf is now in its 40th year and 7th generation with no sign of losing it's popularity. The great thing about the Golf is that even throughout the years its managed to keep its timeless and understated look. The golf has won many awards including Yahoo Car of the year 2015 for the latest mark 7 version, and is a great car designed for all types of drivers.

If you're looking for a practical car then the Golf is just that, offering a comfortable drive across the range. Whether you go for the Bluemotion petrol or the TDi diesel engines they are still deemed as a better drive than many rivals and even more expensive cars in the classes above.

One of the Golf's biggest strengths is the reliability of the car with few complaints about the Golf its the perfect vehicle for keeping running costs to a minimum.

VW Golf Running Costs

A lot like it's main rival the ford focus, running cost for a VW Golf are very reasonable and with a wide range to choose from there is a VW Golf to suit most budgets. The wide variety of models in the Golf range means thats road tax varies across many tax bands, and insurance is often cheaper than smaller cheaper cars since the introduction of the crash avoidance systems that have been added to the latest models.

Overall the Golf is a timeless car that still remains a great value for money.

The Ford Focus Servicing and Maintenance

The original Focus was easy to drive, reliable and cheap to run with better fuel economy from a new range of engines and low servicing costs. This and reasonable pricing made it very popular with private and fleet owners alike and put it at the head of the pack in the small family hatch market. Even today the early Ford Focus stands up as modern motor car with very comparable driving experience, fuel economy, reliability and we rarely see a Ford Focus in our workshops requiring a major repair as usually their visit is for regular servicing and MOTs.

About the Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has now been with us since 1998 and in that time has proven to be a firm favourite. It won European Car of the Year in 1999 and has been listed as one of the greatest cars of past decades by several British Car magazines.

As a direct replacement for the Ford Escort which had been in production since 1968 and was waining in it's appeal, the Ford Focus was to lead next generation of small family car. The new car had been redesigned from the ground up and styled to move Ford's small family hatch in to a new era for comfort, aerodynamics and driving experience.

The new independent suspension system designed specifically for the Focus meant that it was the perfect replacement for the Escort as the 'Fast Ford' hot hatch of choice not only on the road but also in many forms of motorsport across the world. Even today the early Focus MkI and Mk II has class leading ride and handling.

Ford Focus Running Costs

Insurance premiums remain pretty reasonable as most Ford Focus models are rated between groups 10 and 15.

A Focus owner won't be unhappy with the servicing and repairs costs either as parts are cheap and most reputable service centres can work on the simple mechanics and service your Focus according to Ford's servicing schedules. One of the downsides (of which there are very few) of the older Focus marks is the road tax which will range from approximately £225 for the earliest models, however this does reduce with the more modern versions.

As a secondhand purchase the Ford Focus is a great choice with all but the basic models offering enough equipment to keep you happy. The 1.6, 1.8 and the TDCi diesel engined cars are the best choice for all round value, economy and performance. Look out for good examples of the LX and Zetec as these can be picked up for several hundred pounds and came with a few desirable extras such as Air Con.

The Ford Focus is a good reliable car that shouldn't cause you too many headaches and most reputable Service Centres such as ourselves will offer free safety checks on your brakes, tyres and fluids as well as other checks like Air Con efficiency which can drop off on older cars and may need to be topped up.

Overall the Ford Focus has always been and remains a good solid choice, especially for those looking for good value motoring on a budget...


Helpful tips for driving in winter

We are very lucky in the UK it's not often that we experience prolonged extreme winter weather, however in recent years we have had waves of ice and snow that have caused havoc on the roads. Here is a short list of simple things you can do to prepare yourself for winter driving.

  1. The most important thing to consider first is whether your journey is absolutely necessary. The best way to stay out of trouble on icy roads is to not drive.
  2. Get your battery checked. Batteries have got much better in recent years, however they don't like the cold are more likely to fail when the temperature falls.
  3. Make sure you have the correct mixture of anti-freeze in the engine cooling system. Modern anti-freeze protects your engine in all conditions, hot and cold, so should be kept at the correct levels all year.
  4. Your windscreen washer fluid should be kept topped up as winter driving can get messy. Use the correct mixture of screenwash and water as this acts as anti-freeze. Don't use washing up liquid, it will freeze solid.
  5. Have your air-con system checked as performance can drop off over time. Your air-con is vital in bad weather as it demists the windows far more efficiently when it's working properly giving you better visibility.
  6. It's a good idea to carry a small bag of essentials in your car, just in case you get stuck in snow. Consider including food, water, warm clothes and a blanket.
  7. Keep your phone battery charged and have an in-car charger so you can contact the rescue services should you run in to trouble.
  8. Try and avoid minor roads that may not be gritted. Carrying a shovel in the car can be very useful so you can dig the car out of snow, especially if you need to drive on minor roads.
  9. Winter driving requires extra tread in your tyres, the tread should be at least 3mm deep. If you live in a location susceptable to snow and ice consider fitting winter tyres*.
  10. Keep your fuel tank topped up, just in case you get caught out on icy roads. This will mean you have plenty of fuel to keep the engine running when you need heat and light.

If you must drive in bad conditions, adjust your driving style. Driving in the rain, snow and ice not only makes the car harder to control, it can also create poor visibility which cuts down on reaction time. Think ahead and give yourself extra time to make your journey.

If you have your car serviced on regular basis it should be ready for winter conditions. If you're unsure please call us on 01202 528 667 and we will check your car for winter driving. For most makes and models these checks are usually free of charge.

* Some insurers consider fitting winter tyres as a vehicle modification. Please check how this might affect your policy with your insurer before fitting winter tyres.

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