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Timing Belt and Cam Belt Replacement

Timing Belt or Cam Belt replacement is an essential part of your vehicle maintenance routine and not replacing them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended guidelines can lead to belt failure and result in serious damage to your engine.

As the Water Pump is also driven by the Cam Belt in many cases, it's a perfect opportunity to check the gasket, efficiency and bearings of the water pump as this is the best and most cost effective time to make a repair or replacement should it be necessary.

We suggest that you ask for a visual inspection of your timing belt or cam belt for signs of wear next time your car is in for a service. If you are unsure of when the belt was last changed we suggest you get the belt checked at The Forge Garage at 35 Green Road, BH9 1DX.

At Forge Garage we stay up to date with manufacturers recommendations for timing belt and cam belt maintenance and only fit top quality replacements from the original manufacturer or a high quality replacement.

The cost of a cam belt replacement is exceptional value for money when compared to the high cost of repair work required when a timing belt or cam belt fails. The Forge Garage will offer advice, with no obligation, on the correct maintenance interval for your vehicle.

Call on 01202 528 667 for free and friendly advice about Cam Belt maintenance for your vehicle.

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