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AC Bacteria & Virus Remover Including Covid-19

anti bacteria virus kill including Covid19We are now offering a full Anti-Bacterial cleaning service for ypour vehicles AC system. It kills bacterial and microbial growth in A/C Systems as well as removing the associated odours.

  • Kills bacteria
  • Removes bad odours
  • Removes nicotine odours
  • No need to remove cabin filter
  • Leave a pleasant fresh aroma
  • 6 Month Guarantee

Helps to protect you from the spread of viruses and bacteria that maybe trapped in your vehicle AC filters.

A 15 minute treatment will remove 99.99% of viruses including COVID-19

Call Us Today on 01202 528 667 for details and availability

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Non Contact Collect and Return - Car Servicing

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"Non Contact" collection and delivery service available.

AC Anti-Bacteria clean, kills 99.9% of Viruses inc Covid-19 DETAILS HERE

Call the service desk on 01202 528 667

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